Our trainings are centered on the following:

Customer service: this means creating an effective 0rganization that seeks to satisfy the customer through a well balanced customer care that goes beyond the office into the personal interests and well being of clients and their business concerns.

Sales and Marketing: whether it be sales of products or services, this aspect of management deserves a most adequate attention as the success of it is what impacts on the organizations income and revenue.

Inter Departmental Synergies: we know there are apparent problems within the organization, especially as it concerns working and interpersonal relations. Our concern is to highlight and identify possible ways that friction creeps in and suggest ways of working on them.

Staff Effectiveness: this is simply designed to improve the quality of work input by staff such that its impact can be adequately felt by the organization.  It’s a way of creating a win-win situation whereby staff is happy and management is happy. Part of staff effectiveness is giving leadership training so that HODs can manage their teams for best results.

Leadership Skills: for every manager and team lead, it is imperative that the issue of leadership be given adequate attention, as it is one of the means of managing and motivating the staff. It is to stir up the latent and untapped leadership skills in employees in the workplace.

Employee Engagement and Motivation: this is an area designed for the HR manager and other HODs in order to be able to channel the abilities of the staff into greater achievement for the organizations.

Organization Health and Safety: to expose employees to the needs for safety in the office. More importantly to create the realization that this aspect of management is able to lead to great financial loss for organizations that do not give attention to it.

Labor and Employment Laws: to understand the vital issues as it concerns employees and their rights in the workplace; to understand what generates conflict and disputes and how they can be averted or resolved.

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